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Spare parts for Dnepr, Jawa & Minsk motorcycles
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Accumulator 6V (accu-6v) Accumulator 6V (accu-6v) Sale
10% off

Accumulator 6V (accu-6v)

$24.30 $27.00

Adapter for generator from 6v to 12v alu Sale
10% off
Air filter (KM3-8.15515000) Air filter (KM3-8.15515000) Sale
10% off

Air filter (KM3-8.15515000)

$14.18 $15.75

Ball bearing (pair) (778707) Ball bearing (pair) (778707) Sale
10% off

Ball bearing (pair) (778707)

$5.36 $5.95

Bolt and Nut (KM3-8.15720214-65020215) Bolt and Nut (KM3-8.15720214-65020215) Sale
10% off
Bolt of fastening of an axis (75008116) Bolt of fastening of an axis (75008116) Sale
10% off
Bracket (75006512) Bracket (75006512) Sale
10% off

Bracket (75006512)

$5.81 $6.45

Brake shoe (KM3-8.15206540) Brake shoe (KM3-8.15206540) Sale
10% off

Brake shoe (KM3-8.15206540)

$7.16 $7.95

Innertube (3,75-19) Sale
10% off

Innertube (3,75-19)

$10.40 $11.55

Oil pump (MT801607) Oil pump (MT801607) Sale
10% off

Oil pump (MT801607)

$31.46 $34.95

Saddle cover (7213101-A) Saddle cover (7213101-A) Sale
10% off

Saddle cover (7213101-A)

$17.96 $19.95