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About Us

Welcome to Arbalet

Probably you have heard about our team from friends who travelled with us across Asia and Eastern Europe. Maybe you have experience getting spare parts from our eBay shop. However for new customers, I would like to present members of our team who will strive to make everything possible to satisfy your requirements.

My name is Alenka. I live and work in Kiev, the capital of beautiful Ukraine. Although my high education was in commercial design, I was charmed by motorbike journeys and this passion became my business 10 years ago. It was the birthday of Arbalet Company and motorbike trips and their mechanical support became my everyday life. I am the soul of the company.

Serge is my business partner. He has high education in mechanical engineering and for long time his carrier was focused on information technologies. He carries active style of life loving trips, volleyball, and photography. With his calm and responsible personality he is the brain and conscience of our company.

Besides two of us Arbalet employs:

  • Mechanics. They always ready to help you with any question and correct selection of the spare parts.
  • Logistics managers. Packaging and timely postage of your purchases are their responsibility.
  • Purchasing managers. These guys are digging deep to find for you even the most exotic and rare part of your motorbike. Just ask them.

Finally I would like to present you our new project – online shop. We have long experience selling parts on eBay and online. Now all these years of experience consolidated in one place. Therefore we are sure that our new online shop can help you to make right choice and easy purchase of any part for your motorbike.

We are striving for your satisfaction and will be very glad to hear any comment about the process of purchasing, parts selection, postage, and communication. Our aim is to make you happy. Please write us and we guarantee that we will solve all your problems, well, at least related to soviet motorbikes.

We wish you happy shopping and safe ride!

Arbalet team