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Now is a difficult time for Ukraine, but thanks to the incredible support of the entire civilized world, we are holding on and confident of our victory. Many thanks to you!

From April 11, 2022, we have the opportunity to resume our business and it helps us a lot.

As always, we deliver orders worldwide, but shipping times have increased by several days.

Glory to Ukraine!

Spare parts for Dnepr, Jawa & Minsk motorcycles
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Accumulator/Battery 6V (accu-6v) Accumulator/Battery 6V (accu-6v) Sale
10% off

Accumulator/Battery 6V (accu-6v)

$28.76 $31.95

Air Filter, Assembly (KM3-8.15515000) Air Filter, Assembly (KM3-8.15515000) Sale
10% off

Air Filter, Assembly (KM3-8.15515000)

$15.26 $16.95

Bearing housing (MT801140) Bearing housing (MT801140) Sale
10% off

Bearing housing (MT801140)

$44.96 $49.95

Brake Levers Spring (KM3-8.15306610) Brake Levers Spring (KM3-8.15306610) Sale
10% off

Brake Levers Spring (KM3-8.15306610)

$3.11 $3.45

Brake Shoe Tappet (75006502) Brake Shoe Tappet (75006502) Sale
10% off

Brake Shoe Tappet (75006502)

$2.21 $2.45

Brake Tie-rod with Forks (KM3-8.15306620) Sale
10% off
Camshaft (65001401) Camshaft (65001401) Sale
10% off

Camshaft (65001401)

$49.46 $54.95

Camshaft And Crankshaft Gears (7201406,7201229) Sale
10% off
Camshaft Ball Bearing (204) Camshaft Ball Bearing (204) Sale
10% off

Camshaft Ball Bearing (204)

$8.96 $9.95

Cardan Shaft Coupling Assembly, chrome (7205013-chr) Sale
10% off
Clutch Slide Block with Seal (MT803609, 7203207) Sale
10% off
Cylinder Head Cover (MT801521) Cylinder Head Cover (MT801521) Sale
10% off

Cylinder Head Cover (MT801521)

$11.66 $12.95

Dipstick with breather (MT804610) Dipstick with breather (MT804610) Sale
10% off

Dipstick with breather (MT804610)

$5.36 $5.95