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Installation of 12 volts generator kit on 6 volts engines

Required instruments and materials:

  1. Grinder or large file
  2. Tap
  3. Drill with 10mm drill bit
  4. Loctite 5699

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The 6 volts generators are smaller in diameter than the 12 volts alternators. Therefore there is no enough space to mount 12 volts alternators directly due to the location of generator supports on the crank case.

In order to open the space all moulded parts associated with the mounts should be removed.  You can remove generator supports from the crank case using grinder or file.

Next step is to install supporting mounts for the alternator. You need to drill two holes to install it. Please draw centre line on the crank case and mounting bracket as shown on the picture and align them.

When marked lines coincide with each other use tap to mark location of the holes.

Holes are drilled using 10 mm drill bit. Please be very careful, holes should be perpendicular to the seat of the generator.

In order to prevent oil leak all seats and bolts should be covered (but not bolt threads) with sealing paste such as Loctite-5699.

Install mounting bracket using bolts as shown on the figure.

Install 12 volts alternator tightening nuts on the bolts.