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Installation of an electrostarter

  1. The following details are necessary for installation

    • - An electro starter
    • - The switch
    • - A set of disks
    • - A flywheel
    • - A plate, the holder of an electro starter.
  2. You must cut a part of a gearbox.

  3. You must cut the part of the electro starter.

  4. You must made a cut portion to the following measures.

  5. The length of the stud of the gearboxes # 216236 (figure 2) under the catalogue to be increased up to 55 mm.

  6. Between the plate (the holder of an electro starter) and a gearbox it is necessary to lay a remote washer.
  7. The minimal height of fingers must be 24 mm. # MT801238 (figure 5) under the catalogue.
  8. You must install the electric wiring.